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Ladybirds is for children aged between 18 months and 30 months old

As your child gains confidence with walking, running and independence it is usually time for the next stage. In Ladybirds (Tiddlers) everything is a little larger ? tables, chairs, toys and equipment. Equipment is available for self-selection and child initiated play, their day is carefully planned to encourage development, new skills and confidence.

In this room it is very much a tactile, ?touchy feely? experience, ranging from activities involving ?play dough? and baking, to play with cold and cooked spaghetti to sand and water.

Each month we work towards a theme as well as children’s interests and during our play we aim to achieve goals within the ?Early Years Foundation Stage? framework. These activities may be messy and although children wear aprons accidents do happen. Please be aware of this when dressing your child for Nursery.

With lots of outdoor experiences, your little ones will spend time at nursery focusing on their communication and physical skills and also their social and emotional development.

Your child?s key person will plan individually tailored activities to help your child to progress and develop.

Nursery Age Groups

Baby Bears

Children aged from 6 weeks - 18 months


Children aged between 16 months and 30 months old

Busy Bees

Children aged between 24 months and 40 months old

Wise Owls

Children aged from 36 months to 60 months


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  • Ofsted - 2017

?My Husband and I are extremely happy with Lilliputs Nursery......

Mrs Fox - March 2016

'Love, love, love this nursery......

Mrs Driver - November 2017

?My little boy has been attending Lilliputs since he was 8 months (he's now almost two) and I can honestly say......

Ms Partington - November 2017

?Lilliputs is an Outstanding nursery. When we leave our daughter each morning, we know that she is going to be......

Mrs Howarth - November 2017